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We at MarVac Electronics know that you are the future of the electronics industry. We are working hard to provide for all your electronic parts needs, while you are studying and experimenting.

We stock a wide variety electronic supplies useful to you as an electronic student.

  • A wide variety of Passive & Active components

  • Breadboards

  • P.C. boards

  • P.C. board design & layout software

  • P.C. board etching supplies

  • Soldering equipment, solder, & flux

  • Wire wrap wire, tools, & I.D. tags 

  • Enamel Coated Magnet wire, Tinned Copper Bus wire, & Insulated Hook up wire.

  • I.C. Sockets

  • Chassis boxes

  • Electronic kits by Velleman & Datakit

  • And much more...

In order to assist you better, our stores keep on site a collection of component data books on the components that we sell. We can provide you with technical information and component pin configurations to make experimenting easier. 

Ask about our student discount program, by stopping by or calling the location nearest you!

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Copyright © 2004. MarVac Electronics. All Rights Reserved.

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Our MarVac Electronics location in Santa Barbara, California will be closing, effective May 26, 2015. Any existing customer orders will be processed through our Costa Mesa location. Our products in general will still be available at our Costa Mesa location or by phone at 800-655-6686.

We are now stocking HME Football Coach Headset Systems and Accessories!

We are stocking Telex Sports Coaching communication systems and headsets.

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