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What is an L-Pad?

L-Pads, or volume controls, are used to control the sound level of a speaker. An L-Pad is typically connected in between the source (The Amp) and the load (The Speaker). An L-Pad is used when direct control of the volume level of an individual 8 ohm speaker is desired. L-Pads are rated by maximum Wattage. 

When selecting an L-Pad for your application, select one that meets or exceeds the maximum output power (Wattage) that the amplifier will supply to the speaker. Failure to do this will usually lead to failure of the L-pad, and/or damage to the other components in the circuit.


How do I hook this thing up?

Shown below is a typical hookup diagram for a volume control circuit using an L-Pad. This diagram shows a monaural (Mono) application.

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