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Color Coding For Molded Chokes (Inductors) per MIL-C-15305.

For cylindrical choke coils. Cylindrical choke coils shall be marked with five colored bands. A silver band MIL identifier of double the width of the other four bands, located near one end of the coil, identifies military frequency coils; four other bands of equal width, three indicating the inductance in microHenries and the fourth band indicating the tolerance in percent. Color coding shall be in accordance with the color code of table. When either the first or second band of the three bands is gold, this band shall represent the decimal point for inductance values less than 10, and the other two bands shall represent significant figures. For inductance value of 10 or more, the first two bands shall represent significant figures, and the third band shall represent the multiplier. For small units, dots may be used instead of bands, when specified. The diameter of the MIL-identifier dot shall be larger than the other dots. Typical color coding examples are shown above.

Color Code Table

Color Significant Figure Multiplier (1) Inductance Tolerance %
Black 0 1  
Brown 1 10  
Red 2 100  
Orange 3 1,000  
Yellow 4    
Green 5    
Blue 6    
Violet 7    
Gray 8    
White 9    
None (2)     20%
Silver     10%
Gold     5%


(1) The multiplier is the factor by which the two significant figures are multiplied to yield the nominal inductance value.
(2) Indicates body color of inductor

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